Directors Lounge 2007 • Berlin, february 8-18

Saturday, February 17

10 pm: Australian Gothic

• 22 h •10 pm Australian video art curated by Shaun Wilson

Australian Gothic

• Australian Gothic

will be a survey show of current emerging and established Australian video artists.Evidenced work will reflect a 'Gothic' mode, as further discussed by Gerry Turcotte in his essay 'Australian Gothic' (Turcotte, 1995), including Brendan Lee's Two Birds with One Stone, Brie Trenerry's fly infested Sleep Paralysis and Tammy Honey's pop-desire

• Alex Avtzoglou AU One Two Red Blue 10 min, DV

A Surreal journey into dreamscapes and lost memories featuring
a seductive and somewhat grotesque petting scene between a girl
and a squid.

• Larissa Hjorth AU Loosing You 1min 54s, DV

Filmed on a mobile phone in Seoul during 2005, the artist brings us
identity and romantic crisis through a cutesy rendition of South Korean
pop culture iconography.

• Tammy Honey AU Threesome 3 min 39s, DV

A tone deaf performance piece by the artist focusing on the darkened and
obsessive desire for pop music fame in a combination between an amateur
'You Tube' do-it-yourself video and the music video clip genre.

• Brie Trenerry AU She Creeps 2 min 36s, DV

The story of a girl who falls asleep, or is she really dead?, who
becomes the desire for flies.

• Marsha Berry AU Untitled 2 min 56s , DV

The concealed footage filmed on a mobile phone 15 minutes after an
earthquake in Hawaii in 2006.

• Shaun Wilson AU Uber memoria I: short version 8 min 48s, DV

Filmed on location in London and Southern Germany, this shorter version
of the wider 'Uber Memoria' series explores themes of lost memory by
restaging performative narratives originally found in the artist's
family home movies filmed in 1956 at the same locations.

• Brendan Lee AU Two Birds with One Stone 14 min 51s, DV

Originally screened as a solo exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South
Wales in 2006, Lee brings us a dark and confronting dialogue between two
prisoners in a waiting room.

• Aaron McLoughlin AU Chloroplasm 4 min, DV

The story of a man who brings home a lady friend who gives him more than
he bargins for. What he thought was a sexy romp ends up with the 'Lady'
transforming into a green, dribbling zombie who disembowells her lover
in true 1970s horror style..

Shaun Wilson is a Melbourne-based artist, curator and academic working with themes of memory, place and scale. He is currently a Senior Lecturer and Program Coordinator of Higher Degrees by Research (MA and PhD) in the School of Creative Media, RMIT University.