Directors Lounge 2007 • Berlin, february 8-18

Thursday, February 7

Directors Lounge 2007 • ten days in february

• The third Directors Lounge will take place from 8. - 18. february, at the time of the Berlin International Festival. Expect video art and experimental film from all flavors and parts of the world.
Beside the works from the open call are several curated programs, cooperations with fellow projects and institutions ensure ten cosmopolitan days.

Once again we will offer a hideaway, a meeting point as a relaxed space for filmmakers, videoartists and everybody interested in experimental forms of cinema and videoart.

• Specials include

• In Focus A I C Sao Paulo, Brazil

AIC Films is a co-production of Academia Internacional de Cinema and Rattapallax, Inc. to showcase some of the best films produced at this fresh school. Academia Internacional de Cinema (International Academy of Film) is an innovative educational institution that uses key elements from the best film schools around the world to create a highly specialized and creative program.

Curated by Ram Devineni from Rattapallax.
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An Evening with aE3

Again aE3 from Nantes will be our host for a very special evening. Next to his personal work he will present a fresh collection from fellow directors, including Flotser from Belgium. Nearly all works presented at this enjoyable night will be screened in world premiere.
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Animate Locate

Themed program with it´s main focus on new animated shorts

Again we present animated shorts from stop-motion to pure CG. Highlights and emerging artists from all parts of the world will give an overview of the actual state of this specific genre. Curated by Kim Collmer of "Forming Motion" fame.
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Asia Europe mediations is going to be an exceptional artistic event, which will take place summer 2007 in Poznan. Several art institutions from Poznan, among them Poznan National Museum, will carry out this project. Almost 120 artists from two continents, will have an animated dialogue by all available, contemporary artistic means. Asia - Europe Mediations will present a preview in Berlin as a special part of Directors Lounge 2007.
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Australian Gothic

The selection of emerging and established Australian video art represents a snapshot of current practice which evokes darkened themes of a 'Gothic Mode' exploring death, lost memory, sex, desire, trauma, sleep paralysis and violence.

Curated by Dr Shaun Wilson
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China Doc in coperation with Fanhall Studios, Beijing

Curated by Marina Foxley and Zhu Rikun, founder of Fanhall Studios.

This special focus comprises of several long features and short videos and illustrates the singularity and the richness of independent Chinese documentary in a concise manner. Directors talk part 01 "Fanhall Studio spreading the spirit of independence in Chinese cinema" offers an introduction into the role of Fanhall for a new critical cinema in China.
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FemLink Fragility

The FemLink's structure is simple: one artist from each country will

create a short video (2mn max.) around a common theme.

In 2006, the theme is "Fragility". The resulting video collage project builds a link throughout the world between women video artists and their work.

30 videos from 30 artists from 30 countries.

Junge Wiener
A Remake Experiment By Cosima Reif

A lecture, a slide show to construe the subliminal signs of the Vienna boys. That´s what it´s all about. In Viennese.
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• In Focus Wolf Kahlen

Curated by Gallery KMZA.

A closer look into the work of one of the earliest video art pioneers.
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• In Focus LiveBox Chicago

LiveBox, a non-for profit space, utilizes Chicago's neighborhoods and skyline as galleries.LiveBox focus on filmic art that can be effectively experienced on a single monitor. Single channel video is the primary medium, however, web based, real time, interactive work; fundamentally any compelling new media idea fitting an appropriation with the screen will be considered.

Curated by Catherine Forster
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Lust step one

a sketch of a neverrealized video-installation.

Torben Simonsen, creator of LUST Step One will guide us through an interactive labyrinth, where the spectator in each viewing will experience something unique.
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urban research Themed Programme on Urban Development and Public Space

Curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr

Urban space is under rapid change. The city has long played a predominant role in the work of artists, the city as image, as ideal, as Moloch, as source of joy and social destruction, and not least as icon of Modernity. With the increased dynamic of city development however - either as Shrinking Cities or exploding Megacities - more and more artists take up the issue of urban development and adopt urban space and public space as their theme.
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Assorted highlights from the biannual ZEBRA poetry film awards

curated by Thomas Zandegiacomo
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In addition to screenings – and as the name suggests – Directors Lounge will always be a meetingpoint, a place to have a drink and to lounge around with other friendly lizards.

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