Directors Lounge 2007 • Berlin, february 8-18

Friday, February 9

8 pm: Urban Reseach • part 1

• 20 h • 8 pmUrban Research curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr

program A

Themed Programme on Urban Development and Public Space

Urban space is under rapid change. The city has long played a predominant role in the work of artists, the city as image, as ideal, as Moloch, as source of joy and social destruction, and not least as icon of Modernity. With the increased dynamic of city development however - either as Shrinking Cities or exploding Megacities - more and more artists take up the issue of urban development and adopt urban space and public space as their theme.
Urban Research on Film will present unique, refreshing, challenging and entertaining works addressing the contemporary live and the development of the urban landscape.

• Sari Carel FI One Eye Open 4 min 30s, DV, 2006

• Oliver Whitehead FI Bike 4 min 30s, DV, 1999

• Seppo Renvall CN Drum Symphony Rumpu Zinfonia 21 min

• Oliver Whitehead FI Visual Violence 5 mIn 30s, DV, 1994

• Julie Murray CN Detroit Park 8 min, DV, 2005

• Thanos Chrysakis FI Nocturnal Dance 8 min 43s, DV, 2003

• Jeremy Beaudry US Wo ist Denkmal? 3 min 18s, DV, 2003

• Sari Carel FI One Eye Open 4 mIn 30s, DV, 2006

• Jani Ruscia FI Fluctuation Theme 7 min, DV, 2005

• Virginie Laganière CA Observatory 2 min, DV, 2005

• Ivan Martinez US Fear Itself... Yea Right 7 min , DV, 2006

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