Directors Lounge 2007 • Berlin, february 8-18

Sunday, February 11

12 pm: You Can´t Come Closer

• 24 h • 12 pm videos from Poland compiled by Lokal 30

You Can’t Come Closer

‘You Can’t Come Closer’ presents video-works of Polish artists which build intimate narration dealing with various emotional states or social situations. What binds these works together is the revisiting of Poland’s video & film making tradition using the human body as a means of communication

Anna Baumgart PL Truth? 2001

Zuzanna Janin PL In Between 2005

Anna Janczyszyn PLOff the City 1993

Anna Konik PL Transparency 2004

Laura Pawela PL My talent Insurance 2006

Józef Robakowski PL My Video Masochisms, 1990


• a description will follow